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Sass Explains how INQUIRER twist and slants NEWS

Dear, I will explain to you bakit kayo natatawag na BASURA. Just look at your paper today. Your headline: "Jails full of addicts, rehab centers has few." When I read the article, there's nothing there that says that those who are in jail got imprisoned because they are merely users. Were they imprisoned because they were JUST addicts?  Your resource person, Chief Supt. Allan Iral, said that "more than 80 percent (of the jail) population are there due to drugs." Your writer Philip Tubeza is so fucking lazy to ask what's the major violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 committed by most of those inmates? Possession of paraphernalia? Trafficking? WHAT?! Is Tubeza so busy that he could not check the booking records of the inmates -- and perhaps do a random sampling??? Tubeza could have enriched his article with those information. From Sass Rogando Sassot as posted in Facebook Disclaimer:

Atty. Bruce Rivera Slams NUJP!

TO THE NUJP: After PRRD hurled invectives at Inquirer and ABS-CBN, National Union of Journalists of the Philippines Secretary General Dabet Panelo made a statement calling the President "bastos" and a "petty tyrrant" while promising that they will continue to report the "truth". For me, this only shows the arrogance of mainstream media and justifies the need to change the definition of journalism in the Philippines. The same arrogance that caused the indefinite suspension of Mocha because some Yellows hiding under the cloak of media practitioners used their KBP badge and prevented Mocha from speaking her mind. Mr. Panelo, hindi porke't nagmumura kami ay bastos na. That is hypocritical and worst, fallacious. There are so many "disente" and prim individuals that do not curse pero ambabastos nila. Andaming politiko na nasanay sa talumpating magalang pero bastos kung magnakaw sa bayan. Andaming media practitioners na angkop at d
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