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WATCH: Ateneo Junior High Student Uses His Martial Arts Talent To Bully Other Students.

Photo screenshot from Alamat ni Bes FB page video A junior high school student who is also a champion martial artist is now the subject of ridicule from social media. This is after a video of him bullying another (taller and bigger) student surfaced. Viral video Scroll down on your Facebook feed and Joaquin Montes' face will probably be pasted on your every scroll. In the video that was taken inside the comfort room of Ateneo High School, Montes is seen with another student who is relieving himself in the urinal. Joaquin Montes, photo from Facebook Montes kept on going near the other student and asking him "bubog o dignidad"? Which means he is making the other student choose if he chooses his dignity or he gets beaten. Bugbog o dignidad After asking the student, Montes went near the camera and said retold that "bugbog" was chosen. He also said that if the student chose dignity, he would have let him kneel in front of him kiss his

‘Bully Atenista’ apologizes: I made my mistake but it was a one sided video.

After his video got shared on Facebook and became viral in no time, Joaquin Montes, a junior high school student from Ateneo High School and a martial arts athlete of the school has issued an apology that is quite not being accepted by the people. Apology? Or Victim Playing? About 2 hours ago, around 7:30 pm, Joaquin Montes broke his silence, amidst the plea of his school to stop the sharing of the video, people still keep sharing it. But who can blame them, right? Montes has stirred the anger of the people with what he had done. In an attempt to stop the sharing and probably the cyber bullying, Montes released his statement. According to him, he made a Facebook page so that he can post his apology and the people can read it. However, the apology was not greatly accepted by the people. It was because instead of giving a sincere one, he seemed to want to make the people believe that he is the being bullied and he is just protecting himself. Can you believe

Muay Thai Fighter Challenges Joaquin Montes To Bully Him, Even Gave Out His Location Joshua Aaron III, the Muay Thai Fighter who wish to challenge Joaquin Montes.

Joshua Aaron III, the Muay Thai Fighter who wish to challenge Joaquin Montes It seems that people still can't get over the bullying incident that went viral. In the video, a junior highschool from Ateneo who is also a martial arts athlete was seen beating up a fellow student after letting him choose between his dignity or getting beaten. This didn't sit well with the netizens and soon enough, memes and pages under his name are sprouting up. Compilation The video that was posted was obviously reported by some people this is why Facebook had been deleting it. And then compilations of the videos (yes, there are several videos that show how Joaquin Montes bullies people) photos, and other proof are being shared. Challenger Not long after that, memes and comments already started coming. One post that is being shared a lot now is a plea from  Muay Thai Artist Joshua Aaron III  who wish to challenge the Ateneo student. Actual post of Carlos J

Is Ateneo Guilty Of Condoning Bullying Incident At School?

Ateneo de Manila University, photo from Amid the viral video of the bullying incident involving a junior high school student of Ateneo and their request to the people to stop spreading the video, many are left wondering why a prestigious school would’ve allowed bullying to happen in their school since it was proven that this was not the first time it happened. Turning The Blind Eye? The bullying suspect, Joaquin Montes and his brother are allegedly notorious bullies in Ateneo. His brother was even professedly kicked out of San Beda for the very same reason - bullying. They are Taekwondo black belters, which explains the reason why they think they can just beat anyone. The fact of the matter is, despite several complaints from their victims’ parents, Ateneo has not taken action on their bullying behaviors. The viral video was not the first time that Joaquin Montes showed deviant behavior, there were other complaints in the past, but Ateneo turned a blind

Radio commentator hits Ateneo de Manila JHS: "Shame on you ADJHS".

Mark Lopez, radio commentator Amid the bullying incident that happened inside their school premises, the spotlight is now on Ateneo. People have criticized them for their “soft” stance on the bullying issue in their school. Many are wondering if they are fostering a culture of impunity, or is the bully’s family an “untouchable” in Ateneo? Bully Maker Ateneo has lately been receiving a lot of flak for their handling of the bullying incident inside their school. The Montes brothers are said to be notorious bullies enrolled at Ateneo, and there have been previous incidents involving them, yet what they received was a proverbial tap on the wrist. Several comments from netizens on social media depict the Montes siblings continued their bullying ways since they can get away with it with just a few days suspension. The “soft” punishment by the Ateneo administration caused people to wonder if the school, who produced many of the leaders we have today, are also producing

Alleged Brother Of Ateneo Bullying Suspect Got Mauled.

Compiled screenshots from Showbiz Government's video An alleged video of Diego Montes, the older brother of the bullying suspect Joaquin Montes, figuring in a losing end of a fistfight is now circulating the internet. Diego Montes, who according to reports is likewise a notorious bully in Ateneo, seemed to have found his match. The Montes Siblings One of the hottest topics in social media right now is the bullying of the feared Montes siblings at Ateneo. These two are Taekwondo black belters and have a habit of stomping their superiority over other students. Several videos of the younger sibling, Joaquin, surfaced in social media, bullying students even taller than him, and embarrassing them by letting them kiss his shoes when they chose not to fight him. His brother, Diego Montes, on the other hand, was also a bully himself. Several netizens came out and said they were victims of Diego’s bullying. Diego was said to have been kicked out from San Beda due to bu

Taekwondo Association Condemns Bullying Act of Joaquin Montes in viral video.

A day after the video of Joaquin Montes bullying another student went viral and was relentlessly shared and reshared by people on social media, it seems that the people is not keen on forgetting what he has done. Martial Arts Everybody knows that practicing martial arts is not about hurting other people. But the information that Montes was a Taekwondo practitioner and is obviously using his talent to hurt and bully people. Because of this,  the Philippine Taekwondo Association has released their statement regarding the bullying incident. The PTA Condemns In the statement, the PTA expressed that they condemn the bullying that one of their members have done. “We, the Philippine Taekwondo Association, condemns any form of misbehavior which includes harassment, bu!!ying, and acts of violence. This is not what Taekwondo instills to its practitioners and is a serious matter that we as an association stand against,” The letter was signed by PTA Vice President Danilo J. Mojica. Modest
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