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Duterte Wants Durable Structures Dedicated to Evacuation.

Photo from from When disasters strike, evacuation is top priority. That’s why President Duterte is pushing the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) to construct durable structures dedicated for evacuation purposes. During the post-disaster assessment briefing in Camarines Sur, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año mentioned that the construction of local evacuation centers is one of their top priorities. According to Edgar Posadas, National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) spokesman, there are currently 126 persons dead due to Tropical Depression Usman, 109 of them in Bicol region, 13 in Eastern Visayas, 3 in MIMAROPA and one in CALABARZON as of Saturday noon. 20 people are still missing. President Duterte also said that this was not the first time the issue was raised. He mentioned how classes are suspended since schools are being used as evacuation centers during calamities. “Every typhoon, calamity that would need th

Meralco’s ‘eSakay’ Launches Electric Jeepneys.

Photo from Good news to passengers traveling between the cities of Makati and Mandaluyong. A fleet of electric jeepneys has been launched by ‘eSakay,’ Meralco’s electric vehicle subsidiary, to service the Buendia MRT Station – Mandaluyong City Hall route for a minimum fare of P9.00. According to chairman of the board Manuel Pangilinan, this initiative is Meralco’s bid to become an end-to-end vehicle solutions provider. “The government’s thrust in implementing the PUV modernization program opens up the opportunity to shift towards the safer, sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation system,” said Pangilinan. “Meralco has been supportive because we believe EVs have a place amongst PUVs,” he added. High-Tech Features The e-jeepney has a capacity of up to 40 passengers and can run up to 100 kilometers when fully charged. It is also 100 percent electric and boasts onboard wifi, an automated fare collection system, a GPS tr

Makati Subway Project presents opportunities for private sector.

Photo from The Makati Subway Project should inspire more firms to participate in the govern ment’s multi-trillon peso “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program, said the project’s consortium leader. Antonio Tiu, president of Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc., which leads the private consortium that is currently engaged in the project, said that the unsolicited mega project demonstrated that a lot of opportunities are open for local and foreign firms that want to capitalize  on the government’s determination to address the national infrastrastructure deficit. “I believe in every crisis there’s an opportunity, and in the Philippines at the moment we are almost in a chaotic transport situation,” said Tiu. Private sector to possibly play key role in Makati Subway Project The Duterte administration has previously shown a preference for using public funds and official development assistance (ODA) to finance its big-ticket projects. However, Tiu suggests that

Duterte Stresses Importance of Education.

Photo from The youth is the hope and future of the nation. That’s an undeniable fact. So regardless of their circumstances, every Filipino child should have access to quality education, according to President Rodrigo Duterte. He said this during a  groundbreaking of two school facilities in Bulacan. “Education is indeed the most valuable gift that we can leave behind to the succeeding generations,” he said. “This is why I have been firm in my stand that no Filipino youth should ever be denied access to high quality education, whatever circumstances they may be in,” Duterte added. Both the groundbreaking of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar National High School and the unveiling of the proposed Pandi National High School in Bulacan were commended by the president. He said that the school buildings will be instrumental in improving the children’s lives and developing the nation’s future leaders. “I am glad to join you today as we break ground on two secondary school

Luntiang Pilipinas Urges Filipinos to Stop Using Plastics

Photo from The threat of plastic waste to the environment, especially to the ocean, is getting more serious by the day. That’s the reason why environment group Luntiang Pilipinas is urging Filipino families to stop using plastics. The party-list group said in a statement that Filipinos should adopt a zero-waste lifestyle. Luntiang Pilipinas is launching a nationwide campaign this zero-waste month. “A zero-waste lifestyle means using products that can be reused and promoting processes that avoid or eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste,” said Luntian founder Sen. Loren Legarda. “It means creating little to no waste [and] veering away from the throwaway culture by reusing, reducing and recycling,” she added. Ban on Single-use Plastic Luntiang Pilipinas, as well as other environment groups, will collaborate to campaign for the ban on single-use plastics. To give the initiative traction, they are planning to hold multiple forums and meetings with comm

Leaked Alleged Call Recording of Kris Aquino Threatening Nicko Falcis: “Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko"

“Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko. Dare to step in this country and you will be dead.”  Kris Aquino went viral for the nth time, this time in a more critical situation. Late last year, news broke out after she filed a case against her former business partner, Nicko Falcis, brother of Duterte critic, Atty. Jesus Falcis. Death Threats From Kris Aquino Today, a voice recording of Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis surfaced online and is now viral. In the phone recording, Aquino can be heard threatening Falcis by saying, “Ipapapatay ka ng pamilya ko. Dare to step in this country and you will be dead.” The labeled as “Queen of Social Media” revealed to Falcis that she has “Lupus” wherein the latter can be heard surprised and uttering his repeated “sorry” for what he calls “Madam”. Kris then can be heard cursing Nicko out of anger. Alleged Accusations She then threatens Nicko that when she finally gets her diagnosis in Singapore where she is taking her medical he

Arnel Ignacio and Raffy Tulfo Accepted The Deportation Challenge of ‘OFW Kabit’.

Photo from Charlie Lozada, a tricycle driver together with his 5 kids came up to Wanted Sa Radyo, Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help regarding his Saudi-based OFW wife who is allegedly having an affair with a Pinoy engineer in Saudi Arabia. Illicit Affair  Sheerlyn Gerasta, wife of Charlie went overboard after declaring that she chooses her new boyfriend over her family after her eldest son makes her choose between the two parties. Tulfo’s team were able to contact Edwin “Kimpoy” Madredio, an engineer from Saudi who is being linked to Sheerlyn. Long before, Charlie made pleas to Edwin to break off his relationship with his wife. But then, he ended up being challenged by his wife’s lover to have them deported if he has “brains.” Sheerlyn Gerasta, photo from Google Challenge Accepted  Raffy found the insult offensive for the poor man. Instead of being sincere and grounded, Edwin even turns more boastful and full of pride which irked Arnel Ignaci

Viral Ateneo Bully Kid Claims Self-defense; Mom Apologizes And Asks For Understanding From The Netizens.

Photo screenshot from GMA/Youtube Few days before Christmas of 2018, a bu!!ying video of an Atenean student went viral. It isn’t just one but more of it came out. It came onto most netizens attention, thus subjected to a wide debate about whether it is right or not to share the videos given that the involved parties are both minors. Some netizens claim that it is unfortunate that it has to go viral to force athe dmin to take a course of action. Netizens blasted and much more cyber-bu!!y the alleged offender to give him a lesson. Public Apology  After weeks of keeping mum, the mother of the kid seen in the video blatantly giving away a series of hits and kicks to his fellow student came out and aired her public apology addressed to the victims. The woman also apologized to the school itself after being dragged on the issue. She says, "I would like to apologize for the action of my son. Sa nasaktan niya, sa school na na-drag man ang school sa isyu na ito.

Byahe na! Baguio Bound Bus Is Both Comfy And Tech Savvy Too.

Photo from  READit There was a time when travelling to Baguio means having to stop at several stop-overs to eat, but mostly for passengers to use the toilet. With the advent of buses that has it’s own toilets, travelling to Baguio means fewer stop-overs and faster travel time. If you add comfortability and Internet technology to that, it’s a ride of a lifetime! Impressive Netizen Clarence Estandian Inso couldn’t hide his appreciation over the bus he rode going to Baguio recently. He felt the need to share it on social media so that his fellow netizens can see how comfortable the ride was and how high-tech the public vehicle is. Photo from  READit The amazing bus can accomodate a total of 28 passengers, which makes it very comfortable inside. Each seat has it’s own TV monitors, where passengers can watch TV shows or movies. It’s reminiscent of the seats we have when we travel by plane, complete with it’s tray table and cupholders. High-Tech Aside from i

The 4 Amazing Health Benefits of Saluyot Leaves.

Saluyot, photo from  YouTube Illness prevention and cure do not need to be expensive. Most Filipinos opt to take herbal medicines first before indulging with costly medicines with or without doctor’s advice. The vegetables we often find in the market are not just there as plainly ingredients but also a source of vitamins and minerals. One is saluyot. What Is Saluyot? Corchorus olitorious or saluyot has many health benefits. It is used for food consumption because of its high nutritional value. It is considered as a health booster. This leafy veggie belongs to the Malvaceae family and grows on tropical areas. This herbal plant carries vitamins and minerals. It is an abundant source of vitamin A, C, E, calcium, iron, and dietary fibers. Saluyot, photo from  Tagalog Lang Amazing Benefits of Saluyot  Promotes good eyesight Saluyot has beta-carotene content which promotes good eyesight. Its richness in vitamin A will help you prevent or avoid eye problems i
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