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Panoorin: Goma, Sinupalpal Ang NHA Engineer Dahil Sa Pag – Gamit Ng ‘Substandard’ Na Materyales

Composite photos from Facebook Hindi na nakapag – pigil pa ang Alkalde ng Ormoc City at dating aktor na si Richard Gomez nang masilayan ang kinalabasan ng ipinapatayong housing projects ng National Housing Authority (NHA) na nakalaan para sa mga naging biktima ng Lindol sa Barangay Gaas noong Hulyo 2017. Ayon sa balita, inatasan ni ‘Goma’ ang NHA na i-demolish na lamang ang mahigit – kumulang 16 Housing Units matapos mapag – alaman na ‘substandard’ materials lang ang ginamit ng private contractor nito. Mga housing units sa pagitan ng Block 3 hanggang 7 sa kabuo – ang 190 units ng relocation site ang di – umano’y ginamitan ng ‘substandard’ na hollow blocks upang mapatayo ang mga ito. Naging viral naman ang video sa Social Media kung saang nakita si Alkalde Richard Gomez na tinutuligsa ang Engineer ng NHA dahil sa naging kapabayaan nito nang binisita ang mismong lugar. Richard Gomez / Photo from CNN Philippines Aniya, “Huwag nyong biktimahin ang biktima na.

SLANG LYRICS | Netizen comments on Pinay who mistakenly sings Philippine National Anthem in a major football league

Pinay singers sings national anthem of the Philippines in football stadium/Lupang Hinirang lyrics. Image combined credit to Showbiz Read and DeviantArt A video on Facebook showing a  Pinay who sings our Philippine national anthem is going rounds online with mixed emotions from netizens. Recently, Senate President Tito Sotto is proposing to revise “Lupang Hinirang” however many Filipinos are opposing on this controversial issue to change the lyrics of the national anthem and instead focus on much more important issues in the Philippines. The video was uploaded by a Facebook user named Roxanne Husain and was shared in Memories of Old Manila group page from Master Epong's Online Trends page in Facebook. Image credit to PhilNews.Ph Image credit to Showbiz Read Based on the video, the Pinay was singing the Philippine national anthem "Lupang Hinirang" in the Filipino Heritage night in San Francisco, California, United States during San Diego Padre

Calida to Trillanes: Apologize for calling me a thief or I'll sue you for libel

Solicitor General Jose Calida (from Interaksyon/ right photo is the screen-capped image of the statement posted on Facebook Solicitor General Jose Calida on Thursday, September 27, hits back at Senator Antonio Trillanes for accusing him of stealing his amnesty application documents and threatened that he will file charges against the senator. In a statement, Calida said that he would be  “constrained to file a criminal case for libel plus damages”  unless Trillanes expresses his sincere apology. “Mr. Trillanes maliciously branded me as a thief, which I’m not.”  Calida also said Calida said that the senator’s rationality seemed to have deserted him. In the first place, “what is there to steal when Lt. Col. Thea Joan N. Andrade, Chief of the Discipline, Law and Order Division of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (J1) who is the custodian of the records issued a Certification that there is no available copy of Trillanes’ application for amnest

‘The Philippines need more discipline, not more democracy’

Photo from  AM 1590 The ANSWER Three years ago, a blogger wrote a piece about the Philippines needing more discipline than democracy, and boy, was he on point. Let’s take a look at the current state of the country now, and play “spot the difference.” Lack Of Discipline Then: The blogger complained of the lack of discipline by the Filipinos. Garbage being thrown everywhere, reckless drivers roam the dangerous streets, and government office not doing their jobs properly. Now: With the present administration, the Filipino people have learned the value of discipline. They are disposing of their garbage the right way now, you can see the viral videos of motorists being apprehended for their traffic violations, and government offices and officials are now doing their jobs properly, or risk losing their jobs. Choosing The Right Leader Then: The blogger said that the problem with the Filipino voters is that they vote the wrong person for the job. They are sway

US blogger: "We don’t have an opposition, we have rascals"

US blogger Edwin Jamora, otherwise known as Reyna Elena by his fans and supporters, recently shared his thoughts towards the issues that surround the country. Opposition Senators / Photo from Rappler In Jamora’s comment, he said that in the fight between the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte and the members and supporters of the Liberal Party, there is no “opposition”, he claims. He says that this opposition are ‘rascals’. “ What we have are rascals! They're mean! evil! rogue! monsters! traitors! fakers! hoarders, drug lord sympathizers, destabilizers! Illiterate mathematicians! Cowards hiding between the walls in the Senate! They're not really helping the masses or our country! ” Jamora says. He further claims that the opposition is not bringing anything positive into the country. On the contrary, he says that their only goal is to bring down the president whom he says is “legitimately elected.” Edwin Jamora / Photo from his Facebook account
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