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BDO Woes Continue as Another Couple Victim claims they lost 126K on BDO Account.

Christian De Ocampo and his wife and BDO, photo compiled from Facebook and  Nikkei Asian Review Another victim of bank fraud surfaced and claimed they lost 126K from their BDO account. Their bank account was allegedly hacked and stole their life savings which they earnestly saved for more than a year. What’s more depressing was the fact that BDO told them that their money will not be reimbursed to them since the transactions are valid. BDO Woes BDO seem to be in a bind recently after numerous account holders surfaced and complained about losing money on their BDO accounts. While it is understandable that these incidents may be the works of online hackers, they seem to be targeting BDO, since all the victims are holding BDO accounts. What is really disturbing is that BDO doesn’t seem to care about their account holder’s money. They have been giving conflicting answers on the reason for the breach, and many of the victims were notified that the money they lost will not

Lawyer blasts opposition demanding Duterte to explain his choice of Bersamin: 'DESPERATE to be RELEVANT'.

Composite photo of former president Noynoy Aquino with Maria Lourdes Sereno and new Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin / from Google (ctto) Senatorial candidate from the Opposisyon Koalisyon (OK) Florin Hilbay on Wednesday asked the president why he did not follow through his promise to appoint a Supreme Court Chief Justice based on seniority. 'Duterte did not follow his own rule' Hilbay, a former solicitor general that if Duterte’s own rule have been followed, Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who likewise vied for the vacant position, should have been appointed as the next head magistrate instead of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin. “Kailangan nating tandaan ang ipinangako ng presidente na ia-appoint ‘yong pinaka-senior na mahistrado. I suppose kailangan ding tanungin si presidente kung bakit hindi niya sinusunod ‘yong kanyang sinabi,” Hilbay said during a press conference in Quezon City. 'Desperate' Meanwhile, a vocal supporter of Presiden

Former NPA leader inspiring message to College students: "May Presidente tayo nagtatrabaho who have a foul mouth, kahit mag-mura kita mo naman may gawa."

Former NPA rebel named Ka Tinay inspired college students of her story and an eyeopener to all millenials. Image combined credit to Daily Summer and Facebook The conflict between the government and the rebels has long been inhabited. Several decades have passed since the rebels have shouted out their grievances to the government and chose to live in the mountains, far from urban. NEWRED FIGHTERS New People's Army regional commander and spokesperson Jaime Padilla, or Ka Diego. Image credit to Many Filipinos have joined the rebellion and lost lives but still have no justice. Many of them have also survived from peaceful communities. Evil and violent, that is the first words that come into our minds whenever we hear the word "rebel." And the news that goes out to the mainstream media makes it possible for these leftist groups to make fun of them and to sow terror. Image credit to Many have been recruited by the New People'

Pinoys’ Lack Of Discipline: Our Stumbling Block To Progress.

Disgusting! Garbages are everywhere, photo by From self entitlement to utter disrespect of the law, we Filipinos seem to be very good at lacking discipline. A blogger shared his sentiment on why the Pinoys hate discipline so much. Is it a matter of “Pinoy Pride”? Or are we simply too selfish to change? Dysfunctional In an article written in the site Get Real Philippines, the writer shared his experiences with  fellow Filipinos displaying their lack of discipline. From the girl who namedrops her politician friends just to avoid the lines, to the family who displayed utter disregard for cleanliness in a public place, to the father who teaches her son to urinate in public, we are all guilty of lacking discipline at one point in our lives. The Irony  It is quite ironic that we Filipinos have been clamoring for “change” and “discipline” among our top leaders yet we ourselves couldn’t even attempt to change ourselves. The blogger said that the main

Mayor slams Aquinos' for ‘neglecting’ Tarlac town: 'Noynoy did not do anything'.

Former president Noynoy Aquino and senator Bam Aquino / compiled photo from Google Manila, Philippines –    Tarlac mayor Benjamin Tesoro took the town’s celebration of the 86th birthday of the late Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. as opportunity to take potshots at the Aquino family on Tuesday for the “neglect” his town suffered during the term of Aquino’s son, Benigno III. While senator Bam Aquino was being introduced by Tesoro, Noynoy Aquino’s cousin, the mayor surprised everyone in the crowd that gathered when he said that Aquino family “did not do anything” for San Manuel. Frustrations In the past, Tesoro had reportedly complained about being snubbed by Noynoy Aquino. “The market I asked your cousin to build … It never happened. I caught the ire of one of the councilors for failing to put up a market,”  Tesoro told Senator Aquino. “I was advised to write the Senate and I complained to them about your cousin. I told them he was no good. He is from Tarlac b

International trade expert gives Hilbay a lesson on SC Justice seniority.

Florin Hilbay, photo from  Manila Bulletin Amid the recent appointment of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin as the 25th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay  from the Oposisyon Koalisyon (OK) questioned the president’s choice and asked why he didn’t choose based on seniority as what he onced promised. What Happened To Seniority “What happened to seniority?”, this was the question asked by senatorial hopeful and former SolGen Florin Hilbay after Bersamin was chosen as the new SC chief justice. Hilbay stated that if seniority would be followed, it should be justice Carpio who should’ve been appointed as the new Chief Magistrate. Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin, photo from  Manila Bulletin The Answer To The Question In a post she shared on Facebook, blogger and International Trade expert MJ Quiambao Reyes decided to answer Hilbay’s question. She bared that it was unfortunate that Hilbay already blocked her in Facebook, she would’ve
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