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Sec Piñol promotes Philippines CORN industry! Thanks for the hardwork Sec. Piñol!

I'm into white corn! WHITE CORN OFFERS REFUGE FOR 7.2-M FILIPINO DIABETICS By Manny Piñol It pays to have two doctors in the family. Late last year, my two daughters, Dr. Ma. Krista and Dr. Josa Bernadette, prevailed on me to have a long-delayed medical check-up following a bout with mild pneumonia. It was then when it was found out that I had a sugar-level which was beyond the allowable limits. That was when remedial measures were made, including a recommendation for a lower intake of rice. But I love eating rice. I was raised in a rice-eating family. Lately, Dr. Krista told me that white corn could be a very good substitute for rice. Here is what I found out about white corn in relation to diabetes: "white corn, when processed into grits, can be a good staple suited for diabetics as it has higher amylose content that makes it harder to gelatinize and digest. "It is also known to have a low Glycemic Index (GI), causing

Ang pagpapatuloy ng panlilinlang ni LUGAW ROBREDO sa mga Kabataan

Happy Birthday Leni! Natutuwa naman kami dahil bilang pagcelebrate mo sa araw nato, naisip nyo na naman na maglabas ng bagong libro tungkol kay Jesse na pinamagatang "Nay, Ano ang Bayani?" Bigla na naman tuloy kaming napatawag kay Eddie. And since this is a children's book, which according to CNN Philippines is "meant to share to the younger generation the leadership journey of the late Jesse Robredo," naisip tuloy namin mag-alay din ng simpleng regalo sayong kaarawan. Yaman din lang na nais nyo pang ipagpatuloy ang panlilinlang hanggang sa kabataan natin naisip tuloy namin, what better way to counter lies and hypocrisy than by showing people the truth? Nagpipigil sana kami dahil ayaw na namin madamay pa but considering one of Jesse's sons is already an adult, we figure what the hell?  Sa ngalan ng katotohanan. Para sa bayan. Tutal ang lalakas ng loob ng mga alipores mong magsalita na naninira lang kami at nagsisinungalin

Be a Gina in a nation full of Lenis ~ Sass Rogando Sassot

THE Opposition, as well as the Filipino intellectuals and naïve millennials sympathetic to them, often adjudge Duterte supporters as a nihilistic cult. Hopefully, they won’t be stuck in that thought. May they have the foresight to put this passionate mass into great use. They should begin by foregoing their criticisms of Duterte that are mere remnants and permutations of their propaganda against him during the 2016 elections. That’s why Duterte supporters surge like a wild wave against them   election season all over again. They are tired of that mudfest. They want to move forward. Also, perish the thought of grabbing power from Duterte in any way, whether via coup d’état, nth version of Edsa, or ICC-enabled regime change. You will not succeed with a victory you could enjoy. You are only wasting Duterte, a rare concinnity of courage, compassion, savvy, and iron will. Be an Opposition with a compelling vision rather than a loudmouth spewing political platitudes. In

Richard Poon: Believe me, you will call Duterte for help, if one day you encounter a real evil

Artist Richard Poon, expressed his thoughts towards former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who is now the President of the Philippines. Last year, he created a post about what he felt about the presidential candidates including President Rodrigo Duterte. Years ago, I was skeptical at Duterte. I heard rumors that he was a feared “berdugo” (executioner of criminals). Curfews at night. No smoking in certain areas, Liquor bans. Maximum 40 kph on the road???!!! But unknowingly, my MANY TRIPS TO DAVAO to sing for many years OPENED UP CONVERSATIONS with the people there. I was shocked yet CURIOUSLY AMAZED that taxi drivers, ordinary employees LOVE & RESPECT him! In their own words, Duterte was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the MANY ACCUSATIONS. Many say this is because the Mayor PROTECTED THEM FROM EVIL. In his post, Poon said that at first, he doubted Duterte’s way of leadership, but several trips from Davao City made him realized that every Davaoeños really love and respect

TIME did not issue an ERRATUM yet!

How does it feel when you support a lie? How does it feel when you purposely bring down your country for your own greed? If you were ever a part of sharing this lie, I urge you never to sing our national anthem because you do not deserve to be called Filipino. It's 1398 and not 8000. If you know this and continue to spread this lie  you are no better than the makapilis pointing out the guerrillas fighting for their country during the Japanese war. Shame on you, even if you dislike our president, this is no reason for you to destroy our country. Source: Jovybev Aquino as Posted in Facebook Disclaimer: The above article does not reflect the VIEWS and OPINIONS  of Partner for  Change Philippines

Duterte blasts Lucio Tan for tax evasion - Manila Times

Lucio Tan, one of the richest Filipinos, owes the government at least P30 billion in unpaid taxes, according to President Rodrigo Duterte. Speaking at the Philippine-Qatar Business Forum, Duterte accused Tan of evading taxes like the other oligarchs in the country. “These rich people, they are my enemies. They can tell that I envy them, and it is true. You sons of whores! But you should pay your taxes. Why do I envy you? You keep on gaining riches and yet you don’t pay taxes,” Duterte said. “These rich people should pay taxes. Like Lucio Tan, up to the last day of the campaign, he wanted to give me money. He kept on going after me, but I told him I don’t accept money. And so I won by six million votes,” Duterte added. “In the fullness of God’s time, I am sure, as long as there is no corruption and I am able to get the taxes that these pigs refuse to pay… Lucio Tan has almost P30 billion. He has to pay. Everybody has to pay,” the President said. “Nobody gets special t

DSWD Sec. Taguiwalo bares programs, services lined up for Lumads in Mindanao

Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary (DSWD) Judy M. Taguiwalo yesterday announced the programs and services that the Department is planning to implement to further help the Lumads or the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao. “ During our dialogues with your leaders, we were able to learn that the Department’s guidelines cannot effectively and swiftly address the situation of most national minorities, particularly of the Lumads. Mula sa pagkatuto sa masa, sinisikap naming iwasto ang mga ito (We are doing our best to correct our guidelines based on what we have learned from the masses),” Secretary Taguiwalo said in her message during the graduation and moving up rites of the Community Technical College of Southeastern Mindanao, Inc. (CTCSMI) in Maco, Compostela Valley. The school’s students are mostly Lumads and from poor peasant families. “Ilan sa gagawin ng DSWD ay ang pagsiguro na makikinabang sa Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT) ang inyong mga
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