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Ilocano writer, reporter hit Moira Dela Torre: Pangit ng ugali mo, halatang hilaw at bastos"

Moira Dela Torre and Gov Imee Marcos during the 'Marcos Fest', photo from Raymond Valera After Typhoon Ompong, Ilocanos Will Unite Against Moira Dela Torre’s Anti-Marcos Tweet Moira Dela Torre is now under fire for an Anti-Marcos tweet she just released after a concert in Ilocos for late President Marcos’ 101st birthday. I Am Not A Marcos Apologetic  Netizens, particularly Ilocanos throw their ire on Moira as the latter posted offensive tweets against Marcos. In lieu of such issue, other matter and behind the scenes “bad attitude” went disclosed. Several netizens posted their share of sentiments on how the popular singer revealed her feeling-superstar-actions. We Treated You Well  Herdy Yumul, an Ilocano writer and one of the those Ilocanos who attended the concert night shared that he felt something wrong with the event. Despite having strange feelings, he brushes off the idea thinking that he was just being oversensitive. Yumul claims that it is no

Filipina Doctor: "Now I understand why people think that the person in the OVP is trash"

Dr. Andrea Carigma (Photo from Facebook) | Leni Robredo (Photo from ABS-CBN) “Now I understand why people think that the person in the OVP is trash.”   That’s the realization of Andrea Carigma Carigma, a Filipino doctor and a vocal supporter of the incumbent administration, towards Vice President Leni Robredo and her office. As a staunch member of the highly criticized Liberal Party and the second highest official of the land, Robredo has long been the subject of speculations and criticisms. Most common attacks thrown against her are those questioning her efficiency and competence. Likewise, most of her critics claim that Robredo is not suitable to assume the vice presidential post. “Now I understand why people think that the person in the OVP is trash: Appearing to be motherly - but in the event of national disaster, can’t even be physically present. VP Leni Robredo, photo from BusinessWorld Appearing to have a solution to problems - but never ever prese

Philippines Developed Anti-Typhoon Rockets To Weaken Storms Wayback Marcos era

Photo compiled from  Lucis Philippines Press and   Philippine Latest News One of the ambitious and promising projects of the late President Ferdinand Marcos is the Anti-Typhoon Rockets to prevent storms. In a nutshell, it primarily works to weaken typhoons. Philippines as one of the flood and disaster-stricken countries as recorded, surpasses more than 10 typhoons each year. The strong typhoons like Yolanda, Ondoy, and Ompong as the latest have left some of the country’s provinces and cities under the state of calamity and so much damage, flash floods and landslides to enumerate some. An Ambitious Project  Looking back on the Martial Law days, 1973, a Rain Weather Stimulation and Modernization Program” was created. Coming from a reference, Lucis Philippines, records of newspaper files detailing the project is presented. Though this program and its trial results aren’t much known to the public until today, it is said that its objective is to equip the F-5 Freedom