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DOST-ITDI develops 3D printed respirators and ventilator parts

The Department of Science and Technology-Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) has developed a 3D printed respirator venturi valves for the use in treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the DOST-ITDI said it has delivered last April 14 the two prototypes of 3D printed respirator venturi valves to the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.
The department said there are 3D printed prototypes of parts of the Multiple Patient Ventilator Splitter and Mechanic Ventilator-Mini-War-Zone that were also made.
Currently, there are five hospitals in Metro Manila that are waiting for their prototypes of ventilator parts, it added.
This project is an initiative of DOST-ITDI Director Dr. Annabelle V. Briones and Materials Science Division Chief Dr. Blessie A. Basilia who is also Multiple Materials Platform for Additive Manufacturing Project (MATDEV) Team Leader.
The MATDEV Team, using Fused Deposition Modeling and Markforged Mark Two 3D printers, developed the prototype to assist hospitals as they easily run out of respirator valves. These valves connect patients in intensive care to breathing machines. Respirator venturi valves are commonly used by hospitals worldwide because these can be used for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

MATDEV is also working on 3D printing prototypes of parts of the Multiple Patient Ventilator Splitter and Mechanic Ventilator- Mini-War Zone. Also listed by DOH as one of badly needed equipment for COVID-19 treatment, ventilators are machines that help to convey more oxygen into the lungs and take carbon dioxide out.
It is designed to facilitate breathing for patients who are unable to breathe effectively on their own.
The agency said that the team is also improving a nebulizer mask design. They developed a 3D printed filter attachment for use in commercially available masks such as the Modified Oxygen Concentrator Mask. The attachment allows for a more efficient way for patients to breathe in medications.
They are also producing a 3D printed prototype of an N95 mask and are now considering some improvements for optimum functionality by using nano-enabled filament material, an anti-viral filter cloth, and adding a flexible lining on the edges of the mask.
Meanwhile, ITDI donated 100 3D printed frame and face shield assemblies to the Perpetual Help Medical Center in Las Pinas City. This followed earlier donations of 100 shield assemblies each to the Philippine Heart Center, and the Lung Center of the Philippines.
Source and Original Article:>>> Manila Bulletin


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